Floral Scent Samplers ~ 7 Styles
Floral Scent Samplers ~ 7 Styles

Floral Scent Samplers ~ 7 Styles

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Penny Candy - Sugar, Mixed Fruit, and Mischief

Lawn Chair Lemonade - Lemons, Sugar, and Laughter

Summertime Spirits - Coconut, Limes, and Ball Games

Linens On The Line - Rose Water, Lemons and Legends

Gram's Cran Cobbler - Berries, Butter and Gram's Love

Blueberry Hill - Berry Pie and a Picture Show

Morning Meadows - Wildflower and Wonderment

Farmhouse OJ - Squeezed Citrus and Sunshine

Place flower into Penny & Rose bottle with cotton wick submerged in the oil. The petals of this unique flower will absorb the oil through the wick and disperse the fragrance about the room. Please allow 24-36 hours for the fragrance to properly diffuse. Avoid contact with furniture, fabrics, and finished surfaces as spillage may cause staining.  Product will effectively diffuse for approximately 1-2 months.  

Product Dimensions:

  • Floral Diffuser*: 3" diameter 
  • Oil Bottle: 1 oz / 30 ml  |  1.25" diameter x 3" height
  • Packaging Box: 3" length x 3" width x 5.25" height

*Our floral diffusers are handmade and may have slight variances in size 



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