Meet Our Foxy Family

Laura Morris

Introducing our fearless leader! The fabulous Laura has a passion for creating a more beautiful world. Her vision for design overflows in every corner of our shop. LITERALLY! And we love it that way! It is not uncommon for someone to come in asking for Laura’s advice for a home project or decor update. She is in her element putting a foxy touch of our signature black and white striped ribbon on that perfect floral arrangement or gift! In her spare time, Laura enjoys listening to crime podcasts with her husband and loving on her sweet pets. 

Donna Williams

Who has two thumbs, happens to be our favorite cheerleader, and will greet you with a friendly “Hello there” every time you walk through our doors? Our Donna, that’s who! Every morning when we gather to open our doors, Donna has already completed three errands, lived multiple adventures, and did it all with a smoothie in hand. Need a practical yet beautiful solution for your gifting ideas? Donna is your girl! She also is an outstanding community member who volunteers for multiple amazing organizations in our small Texas town and loves spending time with her sweet family and pup. 

Alyssa Bogard

Say hello to Ms. Alyssa! Give our girl a camera and she will capture beauty anywhere. Her awesome photography skills come in handy as Alyssa runs all of our social media accounts that you definitely want to be following! Alyssa keeps life lively by taking spontaneous dance breaks throughout the day and generously providing nicknames for all of us. Her thoughtfulness is unmatched which makes Alyssa a pro at gift giving. True happiness happens when Alyssa spends the day with her hubby, going on a daring adventure, or hugging a cute animal.

Amy Spraggins

We love our sweet Amy! Her heartfelt personality is like a hug to the soul. Little notes of encouragement can be found after our foxy friend has been at the shop. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one! The rumor mills are spinning off news that Amy never has a bad hair day and we 100% believe it! Not sure what lotion or skin product you’re looking for? Amy has a nose for high quality products and can guide you to all of her favorites! When Amy isn’t hanging out with us she’s cheering on her kids, working hard, and making dreams become reality with her husband. 


Hilary Blaeser

Sorry, not sorry for stealing this Oregon native and keeping her for ourselves in this little corner of the world! Hilary is the girl that you want to know and be friends with. She is a cat lover, backyard gardener, health advocate, skin care expert, and, long story short, she’s amazing. If Hilary ever describes a product, candle, or perfume as “Yummy” then buy it. By a quick glance, she can read through a list of ingredients and KNOW the quality of the product by the time she is done. On weekends, Hilary enjoys chilling with her Hubby and loving on her adorable nieces!

Teresa Monsivais

It’s TT! Our Teresa adds a spicy sass into our lives that we simply cannot live without. Whether it’s an English “hahaha” or a Spanish “jajaja”, Teresa’s jokes bring out the laughter in each of us daily. For those curious enough to peek inside the flower building, you’ll find Teresa creating fabulous floral and succulent arrangements while grooving to her favorite George Strait song. Also, she wins the award for always having the best lunch and we are more than a little jealous about it. When she’s not busy at the shop, Teresa loves to travel with her sweet boys and “Hot Cheeto” husband. 





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