Twisted Tomboy Hand Sanitizer

Twisted Tomboy Hand Sanitizer

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Sanitize your hands with our new rinse-free hand wash! We use the CDC recommendation of ethanol alcohol combined with a blend of moisturizers, skin conditioning elements and essential oils that will leave your hands thoroughly clean, nourished and refreshed.  When applied, it evaporates in seconds.

Many sanitizers can dry your hands due to the high percentage of alcohol.  How is Twisted Tomboy different? Check this out:

Glycerin.  As a natural humectant, glycerin helps counteract the drying effect of alcohol.

Aloe Vera. If you know us and our products, you know we are a big believer in using aloe.  It's a natural healing agent that helps sooth skin and prevent it from drying and cracking....among other things!

Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B-5.  Among the many benefits of vitamins for our skin, these are important to help keep skin healthy, hydrated and soothed.

Essential Oils.  Where do we start with the benefits of essential oils?  Simply put, we added these due to their natural added antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to our skin. 

Sulfate and Cruelty Free, Vegan and Soy Free



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